Police disrupted JVP Youth Camp.

00:00 Jan 2 2022 Kurunegala Town

Police have obstructed the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Youth camp held in Kurunegala on 2nd January 2022. A group of Police officers who attended the event in plainclothes claimed that the organizers have not obtained the permission from the relevant authorities to use loudspeakers. At that moment the leader of the JVP youth said the officers had organized such campaigns around the island in the same manner. But the officers who were at the scene have interrupted the event and have taken the participating youths to the police station to record a statement. Further youths alleged that police have not enforced the law against the various people who are using loudspeakers in the Kurunegala town but they deployed officers to the awareness camp which they organized as per the instruction of a politician.
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District: Kurunegala

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Police disrupted JVP Youth Camp.

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