Parliamentarian Rasaminckam received a court order prohibiting him from participating in anti-government protests

00:00 Apr 28 2022 Kaluwanchikudy court

Kaluwanchikudy Magistrate Court has issued an order to Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Shanakiyan Rasamainckam to refrain from attending the anti government protests. The court prohibited him from engaging in any demonstrations that obstruct a road, a part of a road, obstruct the public, or lead to the damage of public property. MP Rasamanickam said that the police had handed over the court order to the MP on 28th April 2022, that he couldn't participate in the protests from 29th for two weeks. MP Rasamanickam pointed out that it is not clear what was the basis of the court order as most of the people in the country are engaged in protests
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