Retired Army officer files writ petition against holding of Local Government Election

00:00 Jan 9 2023 Colombo Courts Complex

A retired Army Colonel, W.M.R. Wijesundera filed a writ petition against holding Local Government Election on the basis that he was informed by the Election Commission of Sri Lanka (EC) that the election can only be funded through Government revenue or by obtaining a loan for the purpose. Highlighting the situation of economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the petitioner argued that holding elections would lead to the collapse of the Sri Lankan economy. He also pointed out this is a time that electoral reform is happening on financial regulation in election campaigning and political representation of youth and women. Three intervening petitions were filed against the writ petition arguing that the relevant petition has no legal basis and that the petitioner has failed to establish that there is a reasonable legal basis to continue the hearing of the petition and they further alleged the petition of containing erroneous and misleading information.
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